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10 basic principles for creating a spectacular logo

How to make a logo effective and memorable? After all, the logo is a very important element of style and identity of the company or brand. Here are 10 basic principles necessary to create the correct logo.

1. Simplicity
Almost all perfectly done logos are simple and clear. You need to use only the absolute minimum so that the logo does not look overloaded.

2. Attraction
The name of this principle already speaks for itself. The logo should attract people and gain their attention. It should be enticing to arise certain emotions in people.

3. Readability
Certainly each of us has seen these logos that despite the outward originality, were virtually unreadable misleading to understand the actual meaning of the text. There is no need to force people to decipher texts in the logo.

4. Memorability
This principle implies that a person who once saw the logo, will say for the second time: “And I’ve already seen this logo!”. That is, a good combination of visuality and writing helps a person to further recognize and identify the logo.

5. Versatility
You always have to remember that the momentary fashion is changeable. Sometimes the pursuit of an ultra-modern can turn into quick obsolescence of the logo. Therefore it is better to use universal design techniques and tools.

6. Originality
The natural tendency of any designer is to make the logo original. However, it is important not to play too originality, at the expense of simplicity. Therefore, it is better not to burden the logo design with numerous fanciful elements.

7. ?ssociativity
The visual component of the logo, its font and color should arise only relevant associations and create a correct and accurate image consistent with the overall theme of the logo.

8. Functionality
In creating the logo always consider how it will be scaled and located, how it will look in a monochrome version. Therefore, the logo is better to be designed in vector format.

9. Uniqueness
Logo creation involves colors, fonts, visual elements and their spatial arrangement. And it is the unique, author combination of these components that makes your logo stand out.

10. Creativity
This means a certain zest, hidden meaning or message in the logo. And this message is to be simple and straightforward.


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