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10 Great Free Open Source Web Fonts

Typography in internet has become quite important in the recent times and may become a significant feature for web designing. Thus we would like to present top ten open source fonts which may become a decoration for your website.

The Fell Types

These fonts by Igino Marini look amazing. They say to be based on original fonts from manuscripts of the 17th century and may add classic theme into your site design.

Open Baskerville

This font is based on the original Fry’s Baskerville and has gained popularity thanks to its versatility. The font has a dual license – Open Font License and the GNU GPL version 3.

Josefin Sans

This is elegant and fine font ideal for headings. The font by the designer Santiago Orozco is based on well-known fonts such as Kabel, Memphis, Futura and other fonts of the a�?European Schoola�?.

Open Sans

OpenSans is another font from the collection of Google Web Fonts designed by Steve Matteson. The font is unique containing a full set of 897 characters (including cyrillic), so it is very flexible to use.


Gravitas is massive and heavy font referring to the era of industrial revolution in Britain. It goes perfect for posters and promotional headings.


Jura is a little bit euro-futuristic font based on the well-known classic font Eurostile, at the same time having its own features.

League Gothic

League Gothic is considered to be the open source-version of the legendary font Alternate Gothic ? 1 developed by American Type Founders in 1903, but contains original elements.


Orbitron is a font ideal not only for a�?space of interfacesa�? but this stylish font can also be found in many other applications. The full set comprises light, medium, bold and black features.


Chunk is an imitation of wood-carving. The font is very rich and heavy, so it can be safely used, for example, in the headlines.

Ostrich Sans

Ostrich Sans is a very nice and modern font without serif. It is characterized by a wide range of font styles – Ultra light, Normal, Bold, Black, Rounded (medium) and even Dashed (thin).


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