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10 rules for effective SMM strategy

Like any field, SMM also has its own unwritten rules. So here is a list of 10 basic rules of social marketing, which will help you create a strong foundation for any social media campaign:

1) The path to success is not easy

Social media marketing involves investments, expenditure of time, energy and creativity. This is a must that cannot be ignored.

2) No one will listen to you, if you’re not carrying anything significant

If you cannot contribute something meaningful to the community, no one is going to listen to you. That’s the basics.

3) Embark on an important discussion

If you do not say anything meaningful, do not say anything at all. If you join the general noise, you will be ignored.

4) Activity and productivity differ

Being active does not mean being productive. Be productive, and not merely “noisy.”

5) Quality is always greater than the quantity

Appreciate simplicity. It is better to give brief friendly advice instead of constant rambling discussions.

6) Do not be a spammer

Constant self-promotion does not attract readers. If you feel the need to constantly draw attention to yourself, then your strategy is not effective.

7) There should be two-sided communication

Give your fans a chance to speak out. If you monopolize the discussion, it becomes a boring lecture, instead of a successful marketing strategy.

8) Use images and multimedia

A picture is worth a thousand words, while video is worth a lot more. Do not just talk, but use your own social platform.

9) Always give responses

Do not ignore the fans who have subscribed to you. Always give a reply, it makes people feel special, and read your page.

10) Patience

Social networks in the market rarely give instant results. Do not give up after a short period of time. Patient marketers have more opportunities to reap the fruits of their labor.


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