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10 Tactics to Increase Google Crawl Rate

Regular visits of Google search engine to your website mean that your site is so to say “honored” by Google. To achieve regular visits to the site through Google is to make it truly useful and valuable.

In fact it is not as simple as many of you may imagine. In this article the working methods of implementing this idea are introduced.

1. Update your content often and regularly (immediately notifying of it by Google ping) by frequency of at least 3 times a week.
2. Make sure about the proper operation of the server. Regularly monitor the availability of the server, as well as bugs which may be revealed by Google Webmaster tools, Pingdom and
3. Test the speed of loading pages. If it takes too long for site pages or, for example, PDF documents to load, the search robot will leave your website without returning for a rather long period of time.
4. Check intrasite relink. Make sure that the site contains no duplicating content found in other websites too. The reason is simple – the more pages with the same content are indexed by search engine, the less will be the time for pages with a unique and useful content.
5. Get as many incoming links as possible from sites regularly visited by Google.
6. Set the speed of re-indexing your site through Google Webmaster tools.
7. Add a site map.
8. Make sure your server gives the correct headers.
9. Make sure each page of the site has its own unique title and meta-tags.
10. Follow the periodicity with which Google visits your site, analyze and draw conclusions.


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