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In our weekly reviews of the best designed websites in the world, is our pick of the week. We have plausible reasons for showcasing the Cupertino-based website, so you can learn one or two things from it, and hopefully implement them on your own business website. Even though the site has large content that […]

The importance of creating easily accessible navigation

The importance of a business website having a good navigation cannot be overlooked, if you actually want to succeed online. A website effectively loses its sense of organization and structure, without some sort of interlinking of internal pages. Depending on the choice of a site owner or web designer, navigation bars can be horizontally placed […]

The importance of properly naming images on your business website

Almost every business website includes some images in their designs. These include product and/or service photos, as well as background images. Your image names should be keyword-rich: if the product you’re selling is a Motorola Xoom tablet, try naming it “motorola-xoom.jpg” or something relatively meaningful. It is wrong to give your products generic names like […] makes heavy use of Flash without sacrificing textual site content

Herb Chambers is a Somerville, Massachusetts-based automotive dealership company that built its website by largely using Adobe Flash. On the surface, you’d think the site is not search engine-friendly – that web crawlers would have difficulties accessing the content that loads on browsers by making script calls. Alas, there’s more to that website than meets […]

How to choose color schemes for your business website

When designing your new business website, it’s very important to use only light colors, because they’re soothing to the eyes. Primary colors are too bright and harsh to look at – combine that with the fact that Internet users sit in front of already-lit monitors, and you’ll understand why you need to avoid them. On […]

Fundamental steps to optimize the loading of your web pages on web browsers

We believe that every online business owner needs to understand the importance of optimizing web pages for web crawlers, as well as for human Internet users. Here we’ll discuss about page speed and its effects on visitors. Web users – both web spiders and humans, are impatient to wait for pages that load in near-endless […]

BostonUSA: A website design with well-crafted navigation and slideshows is an interesting Boston travel guide that helps visitors and locals to discover places in the city that might appeal to their tastes. The site is largely created for tourists, with the aim to facilitate making the most out of their time in Boston. It’s quite challenging to design such a site that contains […]

Effective call to action in business website design

Call to action is an essential tool that every business website must have to prompt visitors to act the way you want them to. There are many reasons why you should formulate the content of each web page to make sure your audience performs the essential tasks. After-all, your main intention of having potential customers […]

How to optimize your small business website during designing

One of the most essential aspects of designing a business website is to make sure every page is well-optimized for search engine crawling and indexing. Here are some tips on what your website design needs to include: Proper use of title tag: One of the common mistakes some small businesses make is neglecting the power […]

Vital elements of a business website

You’ve been operating a brick-and-mortar business and have been reluctant to let it have an online presence. And you suddenly realized that for the business to have a wider reach, you needed to represent it online, to avoid being outsmarted by your competitors. That’s a great move! However, you need to understand the essential things […]