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5 Effective Link Building Tactics

Backlinks have a great influence on the website ranking in search engines. Unfortunately, many webmasters cannot separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to links and link building methods.

Below is a detailed list of the main strategies of Link Building.

1. Internal links

Internal linking may lead to two main advantages:

  • Opportunity to help search engines find new content on the site
  • Ability to pass PageRank to the most important pages of your site (in terms of promotion)

The most effective option for placing internal links is an anchor in the text of an article (news), and not as a navigation menu or links that are grouped into a list after the content.

2. Links in comments

The concept is simple a�� to find a bunch of thematic blogs and start commenting with a link to the site.

It is preferable to comment on the given subject taking into account the theme of the post. If you comment on thematic blogs, the links are likely to remain in place, you will simply increase in TIC (which does not affect the site ranking). In case you add keywords instead of a name, you can easily get into spam without getting any effect at all.

3. Paid Links

Paid links are the most common and most effective ways of link building.
Search engines are constantly looking for ways to compete with paid links. Therefore, the links can be purchased in different ways and the effect will also be different.
Links are very easy to spread through Twitter, YouTube, however, all of the links being of a�?nofollowa�? character.

4. Link Baiting

This is a process of increasing the number of inbound links by creating compelling content and useful services. Link Baiting is the most long-term strategy to increase the link mass. When you create a bait, follow one simple rule: the information or product should be the one to make the user share it with friends.

5. Press Release Submission

This is a method of using press releases to get inbound links. High quality informative press releases can bring links from reputable news sites.


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