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5 Tips For More Usable Content For Your Website

According to CWsites developers, 95% of users do not read 80% of site content. As you can see such statistics are not the most good, and there is always a need to improve the perception of the content, to bring it up to the greatest possible number of users.

Here are some basic tips to help you for making your site content better:

1. Break up the text into small paragraphs

To simplify reading, break up large blocks of text into paragraphs. While being in front of the computer a user is rarely focused exclusively on the text, usually IM client is running at the same time, blogs open, etc. Thus if the text is divided into sections, it makes easier for the reader to go back to the desired location in the text, after being distracted from the screen.
In addition, if the text is divided into small sections, the reader thinks it will take him or her less time on reading it than on the same text that is not split.

2. Use subtitles

Most people do not read the text completely and quickly scan to find the required information, and here informative subtitles will save time a lot. Try to choose subtitles that most correspond to the text following them. In addition, you may also highlight the most important information setting the text to bold, italic, or place it in the sidebar.

3. Use a readable font

Nice, nonstandard font will surely allow you to stand out, but if because of this the user cannot read anything, then this is for nothing. Unique fonts are suitable for banners or graphics, the font of the main text of the site should be simple and sufficiently large.

4. Regularly update site information

Constantly check the relevance and actuality of content, especially for frequently updated or temporary information. Make sure about the relevance of content at least once a month.

5. Carefully check the text before publication

Take the time to search for any possible flaws in the text, typos greatly distract readers. Reading aloud is good for identifying problems with the construction of phrases and sentences.

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