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6 Easy Steps to Update Website Content

It’s not the first time we talk about website content and it’s importance. As already mentioned before in our blog “content is king” and one of the key elements for you website success. Updating your content regularly will ensure better search rankings and more traffic to your website. Here are a few ideas on how you can easily update website content:

1. Take a theme for new articles out of the comments to your blog
Very often visitors notice the nuances that the author could have missed sometimes objecting to the author, arguing in favor of a different point of view, therefore, involving in a fruitful discussion. From time to time someone will leave a useful comment which will serve as basis for writing an entirely new article.

2. Turn e-books into articles to your blog
Electronic books is an excellent marketing tool for website owners. Among benefits you may get from the use of electronic books are:

* Ability to provide your audience with useful information on specific topics
* Huge potential for SEO
* Suitable for using as a source to collect information about your readers (for example, “Enter your name and email address, and you can download our free e-book”)

3. Develop discussions in LinkedIn to the level of blog notes
LinkedIn is a great resource for communicating with people similar to your interests within a particular topic. During a discussion on a particular topic users express interesting remarks or else comments, thus turning it into an open dialogue.

4. Turn blog notes into a web page
Some articles, depending on their thematic peculiarity, would look great as web pages. Sometimes website owners publish blog notes which attract a large number of visitors thus increasing the percentage of traffic to the site. However, people often spend much time to find these materials on the site so it would be easier if such articles occupy a prominent place on the website.

5. Create online video based on blog notes
Now making online video for your website is much easier than ever before, so be sure to consider the possibility of its use on your website in one form or another.
One of the best decisions in a similar situation is to scroll through your blog notes and articles to see which ones can be represented through an interesting (and short) online video.

6. Turn some blog notes in serial publications
Looking through your blog notes, you will surely find those which are too long and those which need some kind of continuation. Take advantage of such cases and develop one blog note on a series of articles. In this way you will be able to view all of your previous publications and to split the longest articles, complementing them with fresh information and publishing them one by one.


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