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6 Tips on Planning your SMM-campaign

Planning a SMM-campaign is not an easy process that requires relevant experience, for without it you can’t plan and realize anything.
In this article I will give some recommendations for planning your SMM-campaigns.

1. Set a realistic goal
The first thing you should consider before planning your SMM-campaign is what results you want to achieve. Remember, however, that your goals should be realistic and not sky-high.

2. Identify your target audience
It is important not to be mistaken when choosing your target audience, as the success or failure of your SMM-campaign depends on it. If your goal is to increase the traffic, the target audience is not important.

3. Find your target audience
Once you have decided who your target audience is, start looking where they are found in large numbers.
Once you find this place, immediately begin to explore their interests, behaviors and needs. Without this knowledge you can’t achieve any results.

4. Develop an action plan
Once you identify needs of your target audience, it’s time to decide on an action plan and the methods used in your future SMM-campaign.

5. Promote your SMM-campaign
Spread the awareness about your campaign by press release publications. Try to negotiate deals for your press release to be published in as many websites as possible. Use social bookmarking and networking websites. Find bloggers, who can help you spread the information.

6. Keep careful track of the results
Track the results of the SMM-campaign at all times, because without it you will not know if our campaign is successful or not.


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