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6 tips to develop one-page website

There is no doubt that one-page web sites are becoming fashionable and popular, and if they are implemented correctly, they surely have a success.

One-page sites do not contain much content. You only have one page to get your message to the visitor, and only a limited number of tricks and animations you can introduce.

Such sites may be potentially developed for representing personal portfolio or else they may be taken by companies providing a small amount of products or services. If you decide on making such a site, make sure that the chosen strategy is effective for your business and activities and also follow major tips presented below.

1. Keep the focus of attention of visitors

Make the content of your site as simple as possible. Use only the information that is really important. Here you have just one a�?shota�?, if the user does not find the right information out there, you will lose that user.

2. Create a visual hierarchy of the site

Excellent design and focusable visual hierarchy may help to characterize the purpose of your site. As a designer, you are able to direct the visitor wherever you want. It is natural that people, first of all, notice large objects and then only small ones. Important items should not be placed at the bottom of the page and they shouldna��t be too small.

3. Simple navigation

Try to make the navigation as simple as possible. Redirecting the user to external websites without prior notification may cause confusion. Use special icons or headers to inform users to which source they are going to be redirected.

4. Experiment with design

Be brave to experiment with design. Change background according to each section. Use large pictures which fill the entire browser window or a chic illustrated background.

5. Experiment with code

Experience in the code development is critical, so pay attention to details: color, links, forms, sending data and error messages, location as well as the table of content. All this must match the design and work in concert with the design.

6. Animation

In addition, you can use a code to create an animation on the page. Add a sense of life and movement into the page, make it look as if it moves along with the visitor. Make use of funny animations and transitions so that your site really stands out among others.


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