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8 Ways to Use Facebook for Business

There are many ways to use Facebook for business and as the resource is free it is important to use all its potential. The list below will give you some great ideas for using Facebook for your own business.

1. Forum or Community development

The wall of your Facebook business page can be used as an asset to the community. This is a great way to promote a local firm or nonprofit organization to enable participants to communicate with each other and share information.

2. Customer service

No matter how you plan to use Facebook for business, in any case you will serve clients in some way. Most likely, it will happen, when someone leaves a comment or question on your wall, and here always keep in mind that everyone can see your answer, so think over before publishing it.

3. Marketing research

This is a great way to attract customers and make them feel closer to your brand. The answers to questions like “What foods make us better?” or “How often do you need these or those services?” can provide valuable information that will help determine the trend of development of your business.

4. Product testing

If you want more direct involvement, send the most successful samples of your product to a selected number of Facebook fans and ask them to share their opinion on your page.

5. Press releases

It’s a great idea to write a press release every time different interesting business news comes into light. After placing the press release, share a link to it on Facebook to establish a more intense communication with your clients.

6. Introducing employees

In addition to information about your products and company, you may also give a brief introduction of employee activities. Do not forget to post photos from corporate events, birthdays of employees, important and positive events.

7. Competitions

Organization of competitions on Facebook is one of the most common ways to increase the visibility and expand your community. You can organise any kind of competition by taking advantage of special features Facebook enables.

8. Check-in deals

Facebook mobile application allows to check-in places using location-based network Foursquare. You can have special offer to those clients who come to your place for the first time, or create a loyalty program, where the visitor receives a reward after checking-in a certain number of times.


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