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A beautiful site Find Your Way To OZ

Find Your Way To OZ is a new exciting and interactive project, created by joint efforts of Disney and Google companies. On the eve of screening the movie “Oz: the great and terrible” Find Your Way To OZ is an excellent advertising solution. The project turned out to be interesting and unusual, and deserves review.

On the site Find Your Way To OZ you will find some beautiful scenes from the movie and thematic mini-games for two of which web cam will be necessary.

The amazing fact on the site is that it was created without using Flash or Unity, but exclusively popular HTML 5 and some JavaScript-libraries. Since Google developers had their participation in the site creation, it is quite pointless to doubt about the technological effectiveness of the project.

Find Your Way To OZ is an interactive video, partly advertising site, and partly just a unique and beautiful project.

The site has only 3 mini-games – music box, balloon flight and magic camera. A small addition is the “Photo booth” – the site gets a photo of your face via webcam and inserts into one of the three stands.

Music box is a game in the style of music services Mixer Guri and Inudge. Creating music in this way, it can be shared with friends.

Balloon flight is amazing with the effects that are created without the use of Flash.

The most interesting addition is Magical Camera. Like in the booth, here also you need to use a web cam. This is to create a short film with your participation. Simple but original. And the result can also be shared.


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