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A creative website called Mitoza

Mitoza is a very unusual project. In fact it may be referred to interactive movies, although more precisely it could be called an interactive cartoon or a game.

At first there is only a corn, and since that moment you become the history creator of Mitoza universe.

You have a choice to click either on the pot icon or else on the bird icon. Such binary solutions are to be made in the course of the game. But do not think that everything is so simple, boring and uninteresting. In most cases you will be surprised at the development of events and the endings of the continuous wheel of reincarnation will surely become appealing to you. By the way, the same type of feelings can be felt while watching the interactive movie under the name “Being Henry” which is also a very unusual site.

Apart from being interesting and inspiring, it is also worth to draw your attention to the beautiful animation, bright colors and the originality of the project idea implemented by creative geniuses.


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