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Alternative browsers that are worth a try

Have you ever thought that in addition to Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer other browsers also exist? Browsers that do not look like the others. No one knows about them, but they indeed exist in the world of magic and sorcery, where all are equal.
The wonderful world of unknown browsers


Safe and comfortable. The browser comes with a blocker that will help protect you from spyware, viruses and other Internet threats. Maxthon supports all the latest web technology, has more than 1400 plug-ins to extend the functionality and a number of filters to block unwanted resources – its interface is easy to set up and adapted to a specific user.
In addition, it can boast about a qualitative sync with Android devices, reading mode with adjustable font size and removing distracting elements, cloud services for easy access to files, passwords, bookmarks from any device.


An optimized analog of Mozilla Firefox browser for Linux. Support for the majority of plug-ins developed for Firefox makes this browser easily expandable in functionality, but faster in performance than the original one. Completely free, open-source software.


This browser is said to be very popular in Japan. Thanks to various plug-ins and settings, you can adapt Sleipnir for specific tasks. The browser works under the control of WebKit on Mac, as well as on Windows quite successfully, according to the developers.


The browser entails several questionable benefits, such as the function of parallel sessions. This means that you can go to the same site under different accounts, using different tabs. A great thing for trolling. It works only on a Mac.


As the developers say, this browser was downloaded over 20 million times. It is said to be a modern, fully customizable browser designed for comfortable work at home and at work.

One of the obvious advantages of this browser is its engine, or engines to be more precise. This browser combines 3 engines: Gecko, Trident and WebKit. It is perfect for cross-browser testing and layout only.


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