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An interesting and beautiful site on WebGL – Blossom

A tree with pink petals flying away into the distance. Looking at it you will unwittingly start to wonder where they are flying and what is their mission in this world. Branches of the tree are almost bare, but petals are circling around it all the time, as if they do not want to leave their mother tree.

Not let’s turn from the lyrics to the review of this interesting site Blossom.

In the menu of the site Blossom, which is located to the right of the main content of the site – a tree on WebGL, you can change the image settings and experiment. On the tab num Particles, increasing or decreasing the value, you change the number of leaves, and if this value is reduced to a minimum, you can see that the tree is almost bare. The next tab – num Emit increases or decreases the total number of petals. Tabs min & max life are responsible for the lives of the leaves around the tree. Their maximum and minimum size can be adjusted using the following two tabs. The next three tabs are needed to regulate the speed and range of motion of the leaves.

Since the site Blossom is considered to be an experiment from, you need this browser for its proper operation.

You can also select a specific color range on the menu below. Changing the color scheme, click the button to notice, and here you will have the same tree with leaves of another color.

Wind is also available on the menu of this interesting and beautiful site, you can change its power which, in its turn, influences the direction of movement of the leaves. After receiving the final result, close the control panel and enjoy your masterpiece.


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