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Basic Rules for Creating Text for Web Site

Checking texts

Before offering an article for the World Wide Web, make sure to check the spelling. It is necessary not only to correct any mistakes, but also to exclude from the text any incorrect or unclear wordings. Sentence structure should be simple. The most important information should be placed at the top, based on the “principle of the inverted pyramid,” which is used in journalism.

You should also limit the use of metaphors, especially in headlines. There is a chance that visitors will understand you literally.


Studies have shown that reading a text from the screen is about 25% slower than reading a printed text. As a result of the inconvenience in reading information in electronic form, people avoid reading large amounts of texts from the screen. Therefore, do not to be afraid of reducing your text.

A quick introduction to the text is characteristic for the Web, so authors should take this into consideration and consider the following basic rules:

* Articles should be divided into separate parts with titles of two or even three different levels.
* Titles should carry a maximum load of meaning, and not just be a spectacular addition to the main text.
* To select blocks of text, use bulleted lists and other elements of formatting.

Partitioning web pages

Distribution of information among multiple web pages that are related to each other via hyperlinks, can reduce the text in an easy and simple way. Each individual page can be quite concise, and, at the same time, all hyperspace together can contain much more information. Long and detailed descriptions can be transferred to a secondary page, accessible through hyperlinks.
The information should be broken down into logical parts, each of which is devoted to a single issue.


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