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Basic SEO techniques for bloggers

Search engine optimization may seem very confusing for many bloggers. Most often, when writing a post, some simple tips may be used for getting higher ranking.

If you have a blog with lots of interesting posts, but just a few visitors, you should consider using at least a minimal set of techniques for search engine optimization. This process predetermines the correct formatting of posts, which, in addition to the increase of visitors, will also improve the attractiveness and the quality of your blog.

Here are some useful SEO tips for blog:

1. Content a�� this is the most important aspect of your blog. Apart from being unique, the content needs to be convincing. The content should persuade the readers to continue reading and keep them on your site.

Before publishing have a look at your text, single out its theme and pick up the most relevant keywords. For this purpose the plugin for FireFox called Seo Quake may be utilized. It has a feature of counting occurrences of words and phrases in the page body which may be rather helpful if the post has already been written.

Try using more keywords directly from the text, here you may make use of other word forms and synonyms.

2. Title – the title of your post is a very important SEO detail for blog. Apart from being intriguing it should attract attention and must necessarily include at least one of the keywords (preferably with the exact entry) selected for the post.

3. Paragraphs a�� as readers are not usually inclined to read too long paragraphs try to make passages short which will be much more convenient for readers. Thus, the likelihood that the visitor will remain on the site longer will surely increase thus assisting your site rating.

4. Images – use images wherever you find it appropriate as users will be pleased to read a text diluted with nice pictures.

5. Closing the post – do not be afraid to put a question at the end of the post as a call for comments. The more comments your post receives, the better. A large number of comments, of course, positively affect your sitea��s ranking on search results.

6. Link Building – links are indeed necessary for the promotion of your blog. First of all place links to the post via Twitter, Vkontakte, Facebook and other social networks. This would not only contribute to the dissemination of information about your post, but would also attract more visitors to your blog.

7. URL for the post – URL of each post should be short and relevant reflecting the main content of the post.

These are just a few basic techniques that should always be considered when writing blog posts and are sure to yield results in the future.
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