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Best Websites Dedicated to 2012 Olympic Games

Every four years we witness Olympic Games – a huge sporting event that attracts world-wide attention and makes even people who are normally indifferent to sport become avid sports fans. This year London has become the host country for 2012 Olympic Games. So if you also want to virtually join this historic event, it is easy to do with any of the resources presented below.


Google ( has taken care of sport amateurs and launched a special website dedicated to London Olympics. On its pages you will learn all about current and upcoming events, see the table of results of various competitions and the distribution of medals among the teams, as well as a lot of other useful information. Additionally, you can even take a virtual tour to the sights of London and the Olympic sites, see the construction of the Olympic Park in time-lapse mode, and learn interesting facts about the process of preparation for the games.

However, Google did not limit itself to the development of a thematic site. The search results page was modified specially for the Olympics and now, in response to appropriate inquiries regarding Olympic games you will find detailed information in a special section. For example, when you search for “Olympic Games 2012 USA” let’s say, you will see a list of won medals and the schedule of competitions participated by USA team. Accordingly, changing the search query, you can get information about other teams, Olympic sports, the schedule of events and much more.

London 2012 Olympics

Of course the official site of the Olympic Games in London ( is also worth mentioning. Here you will definitely find any kind of information that you might need about the ongoing Olympic Games.

A complete table of events and daily calendar, medals counting, information about champions, detailed data on all Olympic disciplines, the hottest news and spectacular photos. In addition, this is the most reliable source of information that may come in handy when visiting the Olympics.


The British Broadcasting Corporation ( has dedicated a special section on its home page for links to the latest news, live broadcasts, the brightest moments of past events and predictions of future outcomes, photo galleries and video reports.


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