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Black Hat SEO: Why You Should Avoid It

Almost every website owner strives to bring his site to top positions on search queries at the soonest possible time. This is the reason why the so-called black hat SEO has come to light using various methods to deceive site visitors.

Search engines have a negative attitude to black methods, and the latter often lead to complete or partial blockage of pages. Therefore, you should carefully approach SE optimization and methods that will be used to promote the site in search engines.

To have an idea of the correct and incorrect methods of promotion, leta��s see hereunder the most common ways of black SEO as of now.

* Cloaking
For advanced promotion two versions of the same page are created- one for users and the other optimized one for search engines. As a result, search engines see one page, while completely different page appears in front of users. This is a laborious process that requires knowledge of IP-addresses of search engines, programming skills and SEO.

* Doorways
A large number of pages are made to be optimized only for queries. On the pages just a set of keywords are entered, without any useful information for the user. Search engines index the doorways, and after the user enters the doorway in search results, he is automatically redirected to the desired page. As a rule, all search engines determine doorways and quickly eliminate or block them.

* Swapping
The essence of this method is to replace the page. That is, if your page has become popular, it attracts a lot of visitors, you can change the content and key requests, insert hyperlinks to other promoted sites, pages, and so on.

* Link farms
Link farms aim at creating a variety of websites with lots of hyperlinks to each other. This leads to increase of overall links. A large number of hyperlinks to non-relevant pages are quickly determined by search engines and such sites are blocked. Proper optimization presupposes the presence of no more than 2-3 links.

* SatelliteA�Sites
A number of sites with similar theme are developed, links to the main site are placed in each of them. When used correctly, sites-satellites can hardly be attributed to the black methods of SEO. In this case, the main thing is to act reasonably, putA�satelliteA�sites on different hosts, writing unique content and inserting a few thematic hyperlinks.



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