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Blog Promotion: The Difference between a Blog and a Successful Blog

Promoting a blog is a rather interesting and fun activity but to achieve a significant success all of us need some experience and tips which may lead us to more fruitful results on the way of our blog development.

Your blog needs traffic

The success of a blog is measured not by its profitability, but by the number of visitors, that is people who read your materials. One of the tools you need here is search engine optimization. In addition, you need to promote the source through social networks, online community sites, to place your notes in other blogs, and invite other bloggers to your site as authors, leave comments on social networks and blogs.

How to write a post taking into account the SEO-factor

To increase traffic to your blog you need to make the content of your blogs at the same time considering the possibility of its SEO. WordPress-users should use any free of charge additional plugins that are available. They facilitate the accurate selection of title tags, keywords, and even descriptions.

How to get involved in social network communities

Successful bloggers use social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and, more recently, Google+ as a tool for advertising their resources. Each of your note should be actively promoted. To distribute your publications virally may be implemented in several ways. One of them is completely reliable: you may do it through your followers, as well as through active members of the social network. The more effective you promote your blog and your notes, the more intense becomes the traffic to your site.

How to attract the public with free product samples and gifts

Some blogs entice visitors with games, puzzles and quizzes, which seem quite interesting to people to participate and receive prizes as a winner. It is also a good way to gain the trust of visitors and bind the new ones. That is to say, people need some kind of incentive for visiting your blog. Free souvenir is an effective psychological “bait”.


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