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581 Boylston St. Suite 604
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: (617) 535-7653 is a fine example of an attention-grabbing website

BMI Voyager is the publisher of the inflight magazine that is given out to passengers of British Midland International (BMI) flights. The main purpose of this magazine is to promote the image of the airline, and it does the job well on its website,

BMI Voyager

The web designer did a great job to make sure the entry point of the website – the homepage – instantly grabs your attention and entices you to learn more about the offerings of the carrier. Even if you’re not interested in finding out more about the airline, you’ll at least think positively about the brand. That’s one of the main objectives achieved!

The website has got perfectly-taken photographs that tell a thousand words. Even though the pictures occupy plenty of spaces on web pages, they’re not stuffed in a way to prevent visitors from focusing on the textual content. BMI Voyager website demonstrates the old web design axiom which says that “when you’ve got great imagery, decorating the container is no longer necessary”.

The color scheme is superb, and the texts are as well very effective with clear headings and excellent copywriting. All these elements combine to create lots of chances to draw visitors in.


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