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Our first featured website of the year 2012 is, which is the portfolio of a London-based photographer and artist called Giles Revell. If you’re in such a business, the best way to portray your mastery of it is simply to do what Giles did on his portfolio’s web design.

Giles Revell Portfolio

As you can see from the site, the design concentrates 100% on the photographer’s work. The showcased projects include, but not limited to, a photofit with Matt Willey, a campaign for the Rainforest Action Network and Insect Tectonics.

This one-paged website is truly appealing to the eye! The design of the portfolio, the exceptionally illuminating images and the slideshow draw you in to immerse all your attention in the work of the genius photographer cum artist, Giles Revell.

The most enduring aspect of the site is that in spite of all the great, captivating images, the artist’s brand is not lost in the ocean: there’s a clear logo that reminds everyone who did the work.

The portfolio is lightweight and isn’t unnaturally fanciful; the gallery designer simply allowed the content to do most of the work. So, if your work requires a portfolio, you may be inclined to learn one or two things from


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