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Choosing a hosting for your site

Many frequent users of the Internet eventually decide to open their own personal website. The reasons are many: one wants to do online business, others like to run their personal blog and share ideas with people, and there are also those who are charged with this duty by the management. In any case, they are inevitably faced with the question: “Which hosting is the best for a newly made website?”.

Let’s list some of the indicators that should be paid attention to before the publication of the project.

Technical specifications
Before trying to answer the question “what kind of hosting to choose,” you need to decide about what kind of control system will be used for the new project. In most cases, if the site is created using a popular CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.), any hosting provider will go, as they all have almost the same system requirements.

If when comparing the parameters you have not decided what kind of hosting to choose, pay attention to the physical location of the servers. This will determine the speed of downloads. When targeting English-speaking audience servers must be in USA,  UK and other English speaking country. If you want to attract American visitors, then the location must be in the States.

Uptime or the time of continuous operation
This factor is one of the most important ones, as it is virtually synonymous with quality hosting. You can check it by using any of the services, specially created for this purpose, such as

Price, of course, has an impact on what kind of hosting to choose for the newly created project. However, it is recommended to take this factor into account in the last instance on the grounds that, first, the price does not always correspond to the real situation, and secondly, it is better to overpay a little for a quality hosting service than underpay for the poor one.

Technical support
It is also quite an important factor when choosing a hosting. It must be fast, competent and round the clock. However, if your CMS is “buggy”, they can refuse to help, and support, of course, in this case, will be right.


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