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Classification of web sites

Before starting to create a web resource, the webmaster should clearly define what tasks a particular site presupposes, what kind of content it needs, and what a visitor is going to get from this information. This determines the size of the site, its design, control system and navigation.

Leta��s consider which sites exist in general. Classification here is given in descending order from the most expensive and structurally difficult to the most simple ones.

The largest category is represented by commercial sites. The name itself makes it clear that they are created for profitable aims mainly. In their turn these sites are divided into sub-categories listed below.

Advertising sites

Such kind of sites may be corporate, sites-business cards, promotional sites.

Corporate websites are made to demonstrate the commercial activities of the company. They usually include information about the products, the history of the formation, contact details, vacancies at the company and other important data.

Websites-business cards are more like corporate sites, but in a much smaller scale. Usually, they are developed by a small enterprise or a group of companies for a few people or for a single person. On these pages a summary on the activities of the company or person is introduced. They may also serve as a portfolio, where you can show samples of your work, offer services, and specify the rates for your services.

The purpose of promotional sites is to advertise a particular product or service. Typically, these sites are created at the time of a promotion or a campaign, after which the site is closed.

Internet portals

These multi-user sites can be created for a wide range of users (public) as well as for visitors with certain range of interests. They have one thing in common: they are different interactive services, which are united by one idea.

On-line journals or content sites

Such sources are characterized by constant update of information, news and articles on a particular topic.

Online Stores

These sites are designed to receive and process orders for the purchase of goods in online mode.

Non-commercial sites

This category involves all resources that have no purpose to get profit: government sites, home pages (blogs), directories, websites of educational institutions.

Thus, the design and the ability to create a site will depend on the goals the page owner sets. Once having defined them, you can proceed to site creation.


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