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CMS Comparison: Branded vs Self Developed CMS

Choosing an engine for your website is the most relevant theme, while there are two options: box and self-developed. Before you start creating a web resource, the customers are trying to solve this global debate. However, the main argument of choice today is the cost. This criterion leads to the fact that the “raw” engine runs at the level of free software.


Letai??i??s see the benefits of each engine. Boxed engine has accumulated potential, it can be used to expand the functions of your resource. For example, product catalog can be extended to an online store, a blog into a news portal. Self-written engines are created to suit individual needs, the functional of the resource fits perfectly with the established framework, strictly specific goals are achieved. In this case, if you need to expand the product, you will need a specialist for the implementation of this scheme. But sometimes it is easier to create the engine from scratch, rather than append codes, as it is cheaper and easier.

Disadvantages of free CMS

There are great many free CMS in the Internet. But there is no guarantee that the engine does not contain any malicious scripts. Therefore, the responsibility for the use of this product completely lies on the owner of the resource.

Disadvantages of self-developedCMS

As for self-written CMS, the main argument in favor of the choice of the engine is the speed of action, if you want to quickly understand the system. But there are at least ten reasons why you should avoid the use of self-developed products:

1) Creation of CMS by a lone programmer, upon his desire the engine may cease to exist, and he is not responsible for the results. In addition, the engine can go to the category of paid ones, it can also be sold. Thus, the client is left without qualified support if something goes wrong;

2) There is no guarantee for safety, because the author can not have a comprehensive knowledge of all IT-spheres. Hence arise problems with the audit of necessary security, and for self-written engines it costs extra sources;

3) The problem of content management ai??i?? there is no full testing, so there’s no full-functional inspection of web resource texts;

4) In any case, for self-written CMS architecture of system from popular engine is borrowed as it is almost impossible to develop a new and unique one. In a borrowed one a pair of changes are applied and the output is a new system;

5) Self-written system lacks complete protection from all sorts of loopholes;

6) Box system has full support, as well as professional community, which cannot be said about self-written product;

7) Poor quality of code writing, this is due to inadequate testing of system optimization;

8) The scheme of working with user documentation is not elaborated;

9) There is no application programming interface;

10) Multi-language aspect- a luxury for self-written CMS.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the kind of CMS. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these systems, you will be able to competently and consciously choose the right option for your queries.


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