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Coding and web-design

The most important parameter for data encoding in web design is the bit, in particular the amount of bits due to which a single character, in other words, value is transmitted. For example, two values can be encoded by one bit, four values by two bits, whereas eight values are encoded by three bits. If one bit is added, the number of possible values for encoding will double. Consequently, with 8-bit encoding 256 sequences of binary values yield to encoding. In addition to 8-bit encoding, there are also 16 and 32-bit encodings, processing 65536 and 4294967296 characters of text.

When running almost any web browser, no matter whether it is included in the set of the operating system or it is downloaded from the Internet, you can log into “View” – “Encoding” and see the impressive list of encodings that are supported by that particular browser. The major 6 include: Windows-1251, KOI-8R, KOI-8U, ISO-8859-5, UTF-8 Mac-encoding supporting Russian.

Server and web browser share information about possible ways of encoding so that the information on a web page and the design as a whole are displayed properly. Data on method of encoding is sent by the browser to the server using the HTTP protocol, the server finds the page and re-encodes it into the required format. If a web page is improperly displayed, the encoding is selected manually (menu “View” – “Encoding”).

To ensure the proper display of information on the website, the correct code set must be specified at the outset. Otherwise, users will see quite incomprehensible content making them leave your site. Therefore, the encoding in web design should be managed as follows.

1) Check whether the page html-code contains the following line: <meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html; charset=windows-1251″>.
2) Instead of windows-1251, you can enter your encoding format. Pay particular attention to the way of writing a code, for the attributes content and charset just one set of quotation marks is used, and they are separated by a semicolon. When encoding in a text editor or HTML-code editor, code gets registered manually. For this purpose visual editors like Dreamweaver 8 may be used.


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