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Common Mistakes Made by Starting Web Designers

In this article we would like to introduce the main mistakes that are made by starting web designers. Keeping them in mind today, tomorrow you’ll be careful, and your designs will be pleasing to the eye of future visitors.

So, let’s start with the most important, that is the text. Even the most high quality and eye-catching design can lose its attractiveness because of badly chosen fonts and their combination. The main mistake is the combination of incompatible font types, namely, serif fonts and serif together with grotesque.

Serif is used in the design of classic sites, or rather in a classic design. In addition, the use of these two types of font at the same time may affect the visual perception. Content may seem to be quite unreadable.

One more thing that is worth attention is the contrast of the font and, consequently, of the background. Insufficient contrast also reduces the perception of information by the users, and sometimes it can even become annoying.

Although this rule may be considered to be commonplace, yet there are websites (often personal blogs) on which this balance is not met. And even if the content itself is very interesting or useful, you just want to leave the page quickly to avoid this inconvenience.

Then comes the size of the blocks. It is apparent that the more important a block is, the more space it should occupy (but do not overdo it). That is why a block with content (photos, articles, videos, etc.) is usually larger.

Another important point worth attention is spacing and different distances between the blocks, which must be neither too large nor too small. For example, it does not look nice when a lot of space is left between neighboring blocks on the site bar. It appears that some box was simply removed.

And finally, let’s talk about color. In no case should toxic colors be used (at least for important elements.) Accordingly, it is worth using a number of “very opposite colors” (red – blue, yellow-green) very carefully.


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