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Common mistakes while optimizing your site for search engines

Algorithms for analyzing sites in search engines are constantly changing, so site optimization needs to be thoroughly considered.
Here are 5 tips to help you prepare your site fully for indexing in search engines.

1. Optimizing your site for the “wrong” keywords
It is very important to choose “right” keywords for your site. Enter supposed words into a search engine and see if your site and requested sites are similar in terms of the theme.

2. Too many words in the “meta tag =” keywords “”
Just submitting into this tag as many keywords as possible, you will not achieve any result. These words must also be found in the document.

3. Frequent repetition of keywords
Search engines are able to determine very frequent repetition of key words in document text. Generally these sites are not indexed at all.

4. Pages containing only graphics
Search robots analyze text. Pages containing a lot of graphics and little text, practically have no chance to get to the first page of a request.

5. Do not use Noframes tag
If your website is built using frames, it is necessary that Noframes tag contains a text with lots of keywords.


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