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Contextual Advertising in Search Engines

Contextual advertising is placed in search engine results and corresponds to the request subject, or on sites which content matches the theme of the ad. The uniqueness of this type of advertising is that it is displayed only for those users who are looking for information about the advertised product or service. This makes contextual advertising a quite effective one.

Contextual advertising has many advantages, which include:

– Getting the result right away, not after a few months;

– The ability to filter the audience;

– The ability to quickly start and pause the campaign;

– Predictability by the number of visitors and costs;

– Independence from search engines.

Due to the above mentioned advantages contextual advertising remains one of the most effective forms of media advertising.

In the past few years contextual advertising shows growth in many ways, including market size, growth rate, audience, number of advertisers, etc.

Industry experts unanimously hold the opinion that contextual advertising market will continue to grow in 2012 and beyond. This is due to several factors:

– Increase of Internet users and online advertising;

– The growth of the online advertising market;

– Appearance of advertising customization options and universal tools that make it more effective and attractive to advertisers.


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