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Contre Jour – now available on HTML5

Another hit game called Contre Jour ( with iOS and WinPhone-platform has been ported on HTML5. As the creators of this game have not yet released it for Android version, users may enjoy it right in the browser.

Contre Jour represents a unique, unusual and entertaining game play, stunning portrayal and unforgettable musical accompaniment.

For users of conventional computers only 2 chapters with 10 levels are available- “Monsters” and “Night”. The third chapter is available only to owners of multi-touch browsers.

Contre Jour works fine in Chrome and Internet Explorer. Within 6 months the efforts of IE developers were focused on porting this wonderful game on HTML5 bringing to desirable results.

Contre Jour will surely take a place of honor in the collections of fans of games like Cut The Rope (HTML5), Plants vs Zombies, Wolfenstein 3D (HTML5).


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