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Corporate identity and its abridged version

There is a big difference between “real” corporate identity, which is developed by professional design studios, and the mini corporate identity, which in principle will fully satisfy the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Usually, the real corporate identity is a brand book with dozens of pages, which includes all the details. Such an approach is necessary for large companies. But for most small businesses that want to be “trendy” mini versions may be enough, namely logo, colors and fonts.

Corporate identity is necessary for making a certain brand, manufacturer, or just a small company recognizable and stand out from the competitors. Corporate identity can be used everywhere: on promotional materials, mugs or T-shirts, on corporate transport, packaging products, and the like. And the site of the company must also be made in the format of the corporate style.

Corporate identity is the individuality of your business! There are many examples of how a lack of corporate identity, or its poor quality, reduces the profits of the company. Corporate identity should not be too bright and not too grey. After all, it will be used in advertising and must not cut the eye, but it should remain visible. The creation of corporate identity is one of the first things to consider while establishing a company, even if it is very small. The idea of any business is making profits, and corporate identity is an important component in this process!


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