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Create planets online with Planet Maker

Today another interesting and entertaining site will be introduced to your attention. This site will impress you with its size and capabilities, a very original idea and cosmic theme.

The site of the day is Planet Maker that allows you to become a demiurge, and to be more precise, and as the name of the project goes, it lets you create planets -unfortunately only virtually, and only in the Google Chrome browser.

Let’s briefly list some of the features enabled by the resource. Planet Maker allows you to configure the Sun, relative to which your planet will rotate, adjust rings around the planet, create and configure satellites, adjust the starry sky, change the landscape and cloudiness, the slope, the atmosphere of your planet and a lot of other options.

What about making the Sun purple? Want to make another satellite for your planet? A 3 satellite? Hang tiny Jupiter and Mars covered by oceans on the orbit? Of course all this is possible with Planet Maker.

Try creating planets through this interesting site. By the way, if you like space, be sure to have a look at these sites as well- Mars Panoramas online and Galaxy in your browser.

After creating your ideal world, you can save the result of your creations by pressing “p” on the keyboard.


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