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Create your interactive card with NeverEndingFriends

Another interesting and original site dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Bic company.

The site NeverEndingFriends represents a nice web-based application with stunning animation and interesting ideas. Unfortunately, the site is in Italian, so clicking on the links should be intuitive.

The preloader has been originally made – the percentage of load is drawn through a pen.

The site is full of beautiful animation, but the presence of more bright colors would make it even more effective.

The core idea of the site NeverEndingFriends is to create a postcard and send it off to friends on the wall on Facebook (if you entered the site through an account of the social network) or through e-mail, initially providing necessary data.

Recipients will see your greeting card in the form of images and links and after following the source the user will see the animated process of its creation.

All the sent cards are stored in the section Friends Wall, where the text of the card and the link to the profile (in Facebook) of the sender appear.

It is interesting to note that only a text may be inserted into the card. Everything else comes as standard. But the very process of writing the text is quite impressive.

The only disadvantage is the inability to write with cyrillic characters.


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