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Create your own music with Incredibox

Incredibox is an interesting website representing music application which has recently been updated to the second version.

The new Incredibox v.2 application has been enriched with a wider variety of “tools”, characters have been redrawn with new animations and clothing, as well as turned off and solo modes have become available for the characters.

The new version of Incredibox now allows to record, store and share the created songs with friends. This is probably the most exciting feature for all those who love making music.

The logic of this music application has not changed, and it is perfectly described by the slogan Drag, Drop, Listen.

In the latest version of Incredibox some minor additions have also been made that open while the tasks are in process. Shuffle mode has also been included, in which the tools are selected by the application itself.

Incredibox ( represents a non-standard way of creating and listening to animated music, and this website is really worth visiting.


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