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Creating a website design in Photoshop – preparation for layout

Website template in Photoshop is not only a unique web design, but also an opportunity for the owner to express the creative talents in the graphical representation of the resource. But when implementing the design it is important to remember that the size of the pages should be minimal, so that users do not have any trouble with opening the project.

In order to figure out what you want to get as the final result, it is important to first place the plan of your website template into Photoshop on a sheet of paper. There you will need to clearly indicate the structure of the page, define the location of each item, set the approximate distance of blocks from each other.

When you are done with the outlines of website templates in Photoshop, you can move on to practical skills. Open the application, create a new list in it with parameters of 800×1000 pixels. You will get a fairly lengthy list, on which it is necessary to formulate all the plans that you wish to display in your site template in Photoshop. It will be nice if your design reflects the theme of the project itself, containing some special characteristic elements. While making a website template in Photoshop you need to comfortably accommodate every element, place blocks in a distance from each other, and leave a little space so as to get pages that are easy for comprehension.

Once your template in Photoshop has come to its logical conclusion, it’s time to prepare for its layout – when the smallest design elements are glued together into a code. It is for the layout that you need to make your template in Photoshop. To do this, you have to keep separately the minimal parts of the design. Take Slice Tool, and for optimized saving use the option Save for Web. And now you’ll have a completely ready-to-layout template in Photoshop.


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