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581 Boylston St. Suite 604
Boston, MA 02116
Tel: (617) 535-7653 implements an attention-grabbing web design

Crowley Webb is an advertising agency that uses its website to demonstrate how to effectively grab the attention of the right audience. There can’t be a better way to convince prospective advertisers to use their services.

Crowley Webb

The web designer of the site used background images to effortlessly communicate to visitors that the company has unparalleled expertise in the advertising business. All the graphics are creatively designed to convey specific messages. As you’re reading this article, we know you’d be thinking how to use background images to show your target audience that you’re an authority in your field of endeavor. After-all, that’s the main reason why we always scour the Web to find the best designed websites to feature for you every week.

The web designer kept the site’s navigation choices to the barest minimum, with texts in bold font sizes and well spaced out, to make them so obvious to users. The website is clean and demonstrates the best way to use white spaces. Reading the content, you’d understand that it has lots of personality, communicates emotionally and makes excellent use of subtle humor.

On the homepage, the visitor is confronted with floating, interchanging “The Latest Work” and “The Latest News” of the company, with the sole aim to convince the visitors why they have to do business with the advertising agency.

Not to be forgotten are the social buttons located at the footer section, so you can follow the company’s progress on social networking sites. No serious online business should underestimate the power of social media!

We at Boston Web Design Company hope you’d incorporate some remarkable elements of the into the design of your own website.


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