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Do you Need Free Content Management Systems?

Designing and developing websites for engines such as Joomla and Drupal starts with the distribution disk of these products. Such systems are called CMS – the so-called content management systems, where the content of Web pages is meant. Without exception, all systems are written in the server programming language PHP. Sites are created based on PHP, at the same time interacting with MySQL database.

The second important step is to install and edit the template, which will single out your site from others. The template can also be developed manually, if you have a sufficiently deep knowledge of PHP and image editors (Photoshop, CorelDraw). The template is set from admin area of CMS.

Hosting is the main component for the future site, as its overall performance depends on hosting. Accordingly, the better is the hosting service, the more visitors it will be able to handle.

CMS set up is done directly from the admin panel. Basic settings include site name, short description, introduction of keywords, links display, adding categories, sections, etc. More advanced settings include display of different animations, complex textures, header editing.

Once hosting is purchased, domain is installed and CMS is set up, the site can be filled with content. Then comes the promotion of the site on request, technical support of the site, creation of corporate identity, logo, 3D modeling and visualization.

In this article the main steps of creating and developing a site based on a free CMS have been briefly described. In addition, keep in mind that all free CMS contain an open code which means that no one guarantees the protection of your site, that is, it will be very vulnerable to hacker attacks and, eventually, may be broken, causing you to lose control of your website. The conclusion is obvious – it is better to entrust the job to professionals, and in case of using an CMS, let it be a licensed high-quality product with safety assurance.


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