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Domain registration: What You Need to Know

Today we shall consider what rights you get when registering a domain, what levels of domains exist and how to choose a domain registrar.

Proprietary rights

First, paying money for the domain you have to understand that you do not buy it, but actually rent it from “accredited registrar” with a priority right to prolong the lease for that domain. In this case the domain must certainly be registered on your behalf (your company or physical person), that is, when in case of requests through WhoIs service, your data should appear as the “owner of the domain.”

You can also order a certificate, indicating that the domain is registered on your behalf.

Levels of domain

Domains may be of different levels.

Top-level domains are ru. com. org. net. which are called domain zones. Top level domains are only distributed to countries as “national zones” and so-called limited “internationalized domain zonesa�? are created. For example, .ru is national domain zone of Russia and com. is international domain zone. If the target audience is in Russia, registration of the second level domain in the zone. ru would be more appropriate.

Second-level domain is, for example, You can register second-level domain for your site, in case it has not yet been taken.

Third level domain (or subdomain in common speech) is the domain of the following type:

The owner of a third level domain may register for free an unlimited number of third-level domains into his second-level domain.


You can register a domain name through an accredited domain registrar or through a reseller of an accredited registrar. Usually it is cheaper to register domain through resellers, but there are pitfalls, which make the registration directly from the registrar more preferable in spite of being expensive.

Accredited registrars are more stable organizations, and when you register with them, risks reduce greatly. The difference in price is not so great if you register one or more domains.

In addition, many hosting providers give domain registration for free within a 6 month period.


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