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Effective and Regular Keyword Analysis

The effectiveness of your efforts on optimizing your site depends on the choice of keywords.

Though keyword analysis plays a rather important role for SEO, in case of PPC-advertising (pay-per-click), you can quickly see how these words work, and immediately apply changes in accordance with the results.

Keyword research should be conducted several times and should not be dictated solely by the client or agency / search engine marketing company providing consulting services.

One of the effective ways for making keyword analysis is a thorough study using actual data and the involvement of the client (after all, he knows his goods and services better than anyone else).

Selected keywords must meet two basic criteria – relevance (those which are relevant to the given brand) and popularity (these words are determined by means of special tools).

SEO-technologists conduct the selection of keywords, by combining the following approaches:

1. Analysis of the client’s site and the sites of competitors. In addition to keyword research, pay attention to the phrases used in the page titles, heading tags and alt-tags.

2. A thorough review of analytical data using analytical systems, such as WebTrends, Omniture and Visual Sciences.

3. Analysis of the results shown in the search. This is the most valuable information based on which you can make predictions.

4. Make use of tools of keyword analysis such as Trellian’s Keyword Discovery (most recommended), Wordtracker and WordZe.

5. Analysis of anchor text of links back to the customer’s site or a competitor’s site.

6. Review of data on studies by Forrester in a particular branch or product lines.

7. Estimation on the presence of competitors’ sites in social networks such as MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn, to find additional keywords by analyzing the interaction of consumers with these portals.

8. Working with tools to assess trends of development, Google Trends, Quantcast, and a new, challenging project Ad Planner from Google. In case the client has a license, the data provided by Hitwise, as well as marketing data from Nielsen and comScore will also be very useful.


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