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Essential areas every business owner should focus on when creating a company website

Many people make costly mistakes when creating their business websites. Some of them design websites laden with unnecessary graphics, which resultantly cause slow loading of web pages on browsers. Likewise, others make heavy use of Flash without understanding the consequences, with regards to web crawling and indexing. When taking your business from brick-and-mortar to online, there’s need for you to understand that making your site look flashy will not necessary entice Internet users to purchase goods from you. Instead, you should focus on the following vital areas:

Website Usability

  1. Focus on how best to create your site to help search engines to discover your products and/or services. Your business website needs to be easy for web crawlers to crawl and index all the content you want human visitors to see.
  2. Create very useful, unique and quality content for human beings, and not for search engines, who will be visiting your site. If you don’t have the experience to write and structure web content, hire an expert to help you out.
  3. Create good navigation structure, so that visitors can easily access the site’s content. Here we recommend implementing good information architecture to group and interlink related content.
  4. Create a website that loads fast on web browsers. Both human Internet users and web crawlers are in a hurry, and they tend to give up on websites that load too slowly. So, make sure each web page loads fully within 20 seconds on a 50K modem connection.

Usability of a business website is the key to success! Concentrate on how your website will be used and forget about all those fancy stuffs that aren’t useful. Consider Google for example – it’s not the most beautiful site in the world, but it’s one of the fastest-loading site on the Internet and most useful, of course.


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