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Tel: (617) 535-7653 – Interactive Infographic Showing the Evolution of the Internet

Nowadays Internet presents a constantly increasing number of pages and web applications which are linked to each other. It is rich in videos, photos and interactive content. However, the interaction of web technologies, due to which all this stuff works so harmoniously, remains hidden from the eye of a simple user.

In the course of time web technologies have gradually developed to such a degree that now web developers are able to create web content of new generation. Internet itself is a result of constant efforts of open web community which enables the implementation of technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and WebGl and is supported by them through all browsers.

Interactive infographics tells about the evolution of Internet and the most famous browsers, including Mosaic, Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, as well as major web technologies, like HTML, CSS and javascript.

The colored lines on the infographic show the relationship between technology and web browsers, thanks to which web applications are available to users.


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