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Explore the World with MapCrunch

During the last several years a number of interesting and unusual websites has been created based the Google Street View map service. And today we present to your attention another one of such websites.

MapCrunch ( is a simple but interesting service, which shows random places on the planet earth.

This site provides a great opportunity for a virtual voyage. The user can choose one of the 37 countries, where the service is available and just go around the country. You can also travel through the continents.

The MapCrunch service has several modes of operation:

The Auto mode allows looking through images that automatically change in time frame you specify.

The Tour mode allows a 360 degree tour in each location. Though I should mention this works well only if with good internet connection.

In addition to these modes, there are also Urban and Stealth modes.

If you like some of the places you see on MapCrunch you can share it with your friends via social buttons.

MapCrunch website is a good way to make a little trip to new places, relax and to visit random places in the world, sitting in your chair. After all, there will always be beautiful and interesting places on this planet where you have not been yet.


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