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Facebook’s new strategy of mobile targeting

According to the recently leaked information Facebook is planning to do bold mobile targeting. This information was confirmed by representatives of the social network.

This week it was confirmed that Facebook is going to do targeted mobile users, based on the applications you use. The company said that the target will keep track of the applications and improve the mobile marketing strategy this way.

How Facebook Targeting Works

Facebook reported that they would monitor the user applications using the popular Connect button, which allows you to register on other sites (, LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare), using Facebook account. We should note the fact that Facebook has not decided whether to monitor only the applications you use or all your activities there.

The social network is taking a risky step, as no other company took the risk of invading the privacy of users so far. The targeting of Facebook is not based on tracking user actions in the browser, but the downloaded applications, and possibly on the actions they take when using applications. In fact, companies get access to all user information.

How do we explain the actions of Facebook? Mobile advertising is still a risk zone for Facebook: more than half of social network users visit it from mobile devices, while the positions of Facebook in mobile advertising are weak. Moreover, the company’s aggressive actions may be due to the fact that Facebook has faced with falling revenues. So, Facebook reported that the mobile targeting will be a paid service – the advertiser pays for each ad placed. This will allow the company to significantly increase revenues.

From all these facts it is clear that Facebook does not care about privacy of the user – the social network will not ask for permission to start targeting and advertising. Human rights activists have already commented on the inadmissibility of actions of Facebook, but the company refused to give any comment.


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