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Falling Sand application-sandbox

If you feel like having fun, then try out the new sandbox application. The definition of “sandbox” does not mean that there is sand (though it’s really there), but rather that Falling Sand is a small but functional open world that you can change and control.

Falling Sand is a small application with physical engine – there is gravity, in contact with water plants grow, oil lights, etc.

Elements such as salt, sand, water, oil, plants, sulfur and some others are available in the game. With them you can do whatever you want – just to indulge in, or else purposefully build cascade of waterfalls or oil, and then set fire to them. Freedom of action is the most important thing in sandbox games.

Although the site does not look very impressive externally, it helps you feel like a kid, creator, and here graphics issues become secondary.

Falling Sand website is a Java-application, so do not be alarmed when the browser asks for permission to start the desired module.


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