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Find yourself in Alps with Webwandern: Etappen

Alps are the highest mountains in Western Europe occupying parts of France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovenia.

A complex system of ridges and massifs which extends to the north-west with an arc from the Mediterranean sea to the Pannonian Plain. The length is about 1200 kilometers (at the inner edge of the arc approximately 750 km). The width is up to 260 kilometers. Through the cross valley between Lake Constance and Lake Como the higher western Alps are divided (altitude up to 4807 meters, Mont Blanc) and lower and wider Eastern Alps (up to 4049 meters).

Today we feature a website that will help you discover this amazing mountains right from your home. Webwandern: Etappen ( is a site that gives you the opportunity to make a 130 km journey to the mountains from the Swiss city Thusis to the Italian town of Turin.

The process of climbing consists of 10 amazing stages. The journey begins with 697 meters above sea level, reaches 2253 m and ends at the level of 973 meters.

The site has simple web design, easy navigation and is very user friendly. I should mention that users will need Adobe flash player to fully explore the website. Though the website is in German I’m pretty sure you will figure out how to use it, as interface is intuitive. And let’s face it, not everyone is fit enough to walk the Alps, so this is a nice opportunity to do it online.


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