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Friends Like Those – original interactive video

Recently the number of interesting sites created to perform the role of interactive videos is increasing. Among examples of such creative websites is music drawing in Labuat, colorful Lights and Neon Bible.

Friends Like Those is also one of the sites representing an interactive music video. However, interactivity of Friends Like Those differs from that of the above mentioned websites. Since this is a song about friends, it can’t go without photos of your friends which will become a part of your interactive video. If you are an active Facebook user and you have a lot of photos, it would be preferable to log in through your account, as in this case, instead of sample demonstration photos the site will be filled with your own photos.

At the end of the original interactive music video you can write your message and send it.

Also keep in mind that Friends Like Those site works only in browsers that support WebGL – Google Chrome, for example.


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