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Full instructions for webmasters to work with Google News

Google News is a great source for searching the latest news of your niche. It also serves as a great source of searching content. To get into Google News really means a constant flow of targeted traffic. Due to a great number of bloggers and ordinary readers you can get to the first “Hot” news and get natural flow of traffic and links.

How to increase traffic using pictures

If Google selects your picture to display the next popular story or even category, it will bring you 100 or even 1000 unique visits, even if your story is not in the top, but only the picture.

To have your photo selected by Google, the following tips may be used:

  • The image must be square or slightly rectangular
  • Dimensions 250 * 150 px will fit
  • Image size must be small
  • It is better to use Jpg format
  • Try to choose a colorful picture to increase CTR
  • Use alt tags and choose caption name according to the meaning of article
  • Insert a picture in the first paragraphs of your article
  • Do not be afraid to experiment, it is always useful.

How to Use Google Hot Trends and Google News

Google Hot Trends may also provide quite a lot of traffic. For example, on Thanksgiving, the most popular requests were: “how to carve a turkey”, “turkey temperature”, “turkey cooking time”, “turkey soup”. That is, you could post an article about the recipe, about how it’s delicious and healthy and get a lot of traffic.

Article rewriting

Rewriting articles is pretty quick way to become a pseudo “authority” in your niche. All you have to do is to keep up with the news and if you feel that some of them come to the top, then write your opinion about this news, or just rewrite it very quickly in your own words and from your point of view. It is likely to appear as a secondary resource below the main news and you will get enough traffic.

How to appear in Google News

Perhaps this is obvious that in order to get into Google News, you must have news resource. Create the page “About” on your resource, post all the possible information about you, about traffic and come up with a story that you employ a bunch of journalists and so on. It should be visible that you have a good news site. If you have just a blog, then access is denied for you. Make sure that your source contains interesting and high-quality content.

In order to get into Google News, your site must also meet technical requirements. Title of the article should not exceed 20 words and the article should not contain more than 300 words.


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