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Gaming Website Canvas Defense

Canvas Defense ( is an interesting and fascinating HTML5-game. Several years ago the appearance of such a game greatly delighted everyone, whereas nowadays it is no more extraordinary.

The name of the application may create a deceptive impression of what is to be discussed in this article. No, this is not another online version of the popular genre of Tower Defense, although there is something similar with it – here as well hostile flames abroad shouldn’t be missed out. To do this, you have the magnets, lines, and other pleasures.

Canvas Defense can hardly boast of easiness. You will have to pass levels more than once and together with this firstly cool seeming melody eats into the brain and makes you annoyed.

Fortunately Canvas Defense works in all browsers and does it smartly and without lags.

In total, the game consists of 9 levels, and lucky are those who passed all the levels !


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