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Google Adwords: Sitelinks Update

Google AdWords team have always responded flatteringly about the use of quick links in advertisements. And it is not surprising, since by using sitelinks advertisers are sure to receive about 30% more clicks through announcements. This is one of the reasons that the company continues to “polish” this function, providing users with more and more opportunities.

Sitelinks represent additional links to a site, embedding Google directly into snipet in order to simplify the implementation of target links into the advertising unit.

Google AdWords has recently presented one of the most daring experiments with site links. Now in an announcement including quick links advertisers can insert other advertisement texts that are closely associated with these quick links.

In order to put this innovation into practice users should make sure that the active posting is close in meaning to the sitelinks of the required advertisements. Furthermore, the announcements with sitelinks should be placed at the top of advertising unit.

The user testing has shown that advertisements with expanded quick links are more accurate and useful as they result in more clicks.


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