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Google+ New Feature Allows To Control Images And Photo Albums

Isaac Sparrow from the department of Google+ has told about a number of innovations that have been made in Photo part of the Google social network. According to him more requested features have been put into life for managing photo albums and easy sorting of images.

If desired, you can sort photos in an album by the date of their creation, from oldest to newest or vice versa. In addition, photos are now easily arranged in the correct order manually, and it is possible to select and move multiple images at the same time.

If a photo album contains unnecessary photos or those that are not suitable for it, you may easily move them to another album or copy.

The possibility of mass selection of images facilitates the removal of unnecessary images. The function of photo albums in Google + is not as popular as, for example, in Facebook, Flickr or Picasa, but its development could entice new users to place their content within Google + taking into consideration the fact that there are appropriate clients for iOS, as well as for Android.


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